Poultry Production

What defines poultry production at Mike Hewett's Farm? Try these three words:

1. Grass

Coops are moved strategically throughout the farm multiple times each week. This movement allows chickens to have constant access to fresh grass.

2. Natural

Poultry are not fed chemicals at Mike Hewett's Farm. They are medicated naturally and offered fresh produce to supplement their feed.

3. Clean

Great efforts are put forth each week to ensure that poultry at Mike Hewett's Farm are living in clean spaces. Coops are typically cleaned twice a week.

Poultry Census

The number and type of poultry which live on Mike Hewett's Farm is constantly changing. Currently, chicks and ducklings are being raised in the brooder to replace older poultry. Our mature chickens, quail, and ducks lay frequently during the spring and summer. Unfortunately, as sunlight hours decrease in the fall, laying production also decreases. We aim to be at full capacity in terms of laying production each spring to bring the best product to the market during the growing season.