Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mike Hewett's Farm certified organic?

No, Mike Hewett's Farm is not certified organic. Organic practices are followed as feasible, but the process for obtaining organic certification is expensive. Consequently, pursuing organic certification at the moment is not cost effective.

Where does Mike Hewett's Farm sell its produce and eggs?

During the 2017 season, produce and eggs were sold at the farmers markets in Mableton, GA and Dallas, GA. Locations for the 2018 season are forthcoming.

What types of produce are grown at Mike Hewett's Farm?

Spring crops which are grown include collards, radishes, turnips, kale, lettuce, spinach, cabbage, pea shoots, and swiss chard. Summer crops which are grown include beans, corn, okra, field peas, squash, peppers, melons, and tomatoes. Fruits which are grown include blueberries, blackberries, apples, and pears.

How can a profit be made from just growing 2 acres of produce?

By selling directly to consumers at the farmers market, costs such as shipping and storage are essentially eliminated. Also, by growing a smaller quantity of fruits and vegetables, more attention is allocated to quality and efficiency. The farmers literally become acquainted with each plant which is seeded or transplanted on the farm.  Additionally, a greater emphasis is placed on the crops which create the most value. For instance, an okra plant will bear pods until the first frost. Green beans bear pods after just six weeks if transplanted and can be successively planted throughout the summer. Last, growing space is maximized. Chickens coops are placed in the shade to allow maximum use of full sun areas for row crops. The plant beds are seeded with crops that grow vertically and horizontally. For instance, watermelon plants may be planted with corn. Consequently, both the vertical and horizontal spaces in a plant bed are utilized. Additionally, plants are spaced so that when they grow out, they create a tight canopy which reduces weed pressure but also maximizes the horizontal growing space of an area.

How long has Mike Hewett's Farm been in existence?

This upcoming season will be the fourth in which Mike Hewett's Farm has sold its products to consumers.

Does Mike Hewett's Farm sell products other than produce?

Yes, Mike Hewett's Farm sells free-range chicken eggs and homemade jellies. Quail and duck eggs are also available.

Are the chickens at Mike Hewett's Farm allowed to free range?

Yes, the chickens on Mike Hewett's Farm free range each day. They graze on grasses and are rotated frequently to different parts of the farm. The ducks live in a static coop, but they are allowed to roam the farm each afternoon.

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